My name is Nicole. I am a mom, wife, and an expert at being a spaz. 
I am the executive assistant/marketing manager for the DC area's leading commercial real estate agent. In the past, I have worked for different industries including hospitality (architecture & construction), insurance, and biopharma/biotech. 
During my spare time, I'm reading or napping.
I run the following blogs: spasian.org & this one whenever my sister's cat stays with us: bagheera.spasian.org.
Technical Skills:
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Muse, Dreamweaver
Things To Know:
***Starting March 1st, 2017, new freelance projects will be on hiatus so I can focus on C.A.T.S. (dckitties.org). I apologize for the inconvenience***

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