My name is Nicole. I am a mom, wife, and an expert at being a spaz. 
My current 9-5 is in construction and property management. In the past, I have worked for different industries including hospitality (architecture & construction), insurance, and biopharma/biotech, and real estate. 
During my spare time, I'm reading or napping. 
About This Website.
I needed a place to showcase my portfolio. Also, if and when the occasion arises - a place to brag about my work.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much do you charge?
A: It all depends on the project. My rates start at $10 and I never charge hourly. I try to keep the costs low as I mainly do work for small businesses. Before I start on any project, you will receive a quote and a contract. 
Q: Do I need to put down a deposit?
A: For any work over $50, a deposit is required. It's a way to show each other our commitment to the project as part of our working relationship. As soon as a 50% deposit has been paid, I can get started on your project within 24 hours.
Q: Will you work for free for exposure?
A: No. However, pro-bono work is reserved for non-profits that are 501 (c) (3). 
Q: Will you trade services?
A: Dude. Seriously. No. I have to eat.

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